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Our mission is to bring you high quality service that you can count on.
With our up-to-date technology, our hard-working employees, and
our great reputation, we take pride in the service we provide.

S.U.R. Construction Services


S.U.R. has been involved with many local site contracts. Naturally, the projects are diverse in structure & size, which is a part of what we enjoy...more.


Our employees bring years of experience & capabilities that make up S.U.R.’s highly qualified Utility construction crews...more.


We have repeatedly been contracted by the State of NH, as well as by other contractors, in the rebuilding of the highway system. We work with the State engineers, towns and utility companies...more.

S.U.R. Construction, Inc. | 233 Chestnut Hill Road, Rochester, NH 03867 | Phone: 603.332.4554 
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